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Driven By the Idea That Through Collaboration, We Positively Serve our Clients and Build Strong Communities

We’re transforming communities through collaboration and design. We design for people and create more livable neighborhoods, more resilient infrastructure, and more efficient transportation systems. From crosswalks to bike paths, from roadways to bridges, we’re helping our clients build a safer, more sustainable future.

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Working Towards a Successful Outcome

Every project starts with an idea. As the idea is studied and perfected, it transforms into a plan. Then through steel and concrete, traffic lights and street lights, streetscapes and landscapes, the plan comes to life. As we work towards successful project outcomes, we ensure they happen on-time, under budget, and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Where Teamwork and Teaching Come Together

At Civiltech, we do more than just work with each other. We teach each other, learn from each other, and inspire each other. We’re a team of builders, collaborators, mentors, and friends working together to better the communities around us.

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Change Your Community and Change Your Life

Working at Civiltech means facing interesting challenges alongside a great team of people. It means finding your area of interest and finding opportunities to learn, share, and grow. It means contributing to exciting and meaningful projects that have a tremendous impact on the world around us. And, it means doing all of this with camaraderie, teamwork, and fun.

Come work with us. Find your path alongside ours.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Working In Our Communities and Working For Our Communities

When we serve our clients, we are also serving an entire community. We believe we have a responsibility to not just create safe and sustainable environments, but to really give back. Whether at work, at play, or volunteering, we strive to make a positive impact for a better world.

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As one of the largest transportation focused firms in the Chicago and Northeastern Illinois region, Civiltech is prequalified by IDOT in a majority of categories. Let us round out your team with our prequalifications and our multidisciplinary service offerings. We’d love to work with you!

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