Program Management

Large Scale Efficiency

Sometimes an agency seeks a comprehensive approach to combine a series of projects or initiatives towards a singular goal in a systemized, cost effective manner. Civiltech offers our clients outstanding program management services, which can range from the assignment of a single program manager to a full team of engineers and technicians.

Successful program management requires strong communication and careful coordination with the many companies that make up the team, the many stakeholders affected by the work, and the many team members that are scattered in remote field locations. Civiltech has developed strategic tools and approaches to tackle these complex communication and coordination needs.

Arterial Resurfacing Program

City of Chicago

Civiltech assists CDOT with programming 40 miles of arterial street paving annually. The City’s arterial street network is analyzed spatially using datasets such as pavement condition, potholes, utility work, Vision Zero, and planned bike routes to create a scoring system and prioritize candidate segments.

Providing Flexible and Collaborative Service

When providing program management, Civiltech will establish the program logistics and ensure that its parameters meet the performance goals of the client. Our Program Manager will work closely with the client’s representatives so that the Civiltech team functions as an extension of the agency. Our team will then work to provide outstanding engineering services as a unique department within our organization, but with the support and resources of our whole company.

Specific program management tasks will vary depending on the goals and needs of the client, but can include:

  • Field Survey and Asset Inventory
  • Cost Estimating and Budget Programming
  • Design and Permitting
  • Agency and Stakeholder Coordination
  • Project Sequencing and Construction Administration
  • QC/QA
  • Mapping and Exhibit Preparation
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Development of Standards and Manuals
  • Data Management

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