Traffic Engineering

Balancing Today’s Urban Environment

Traffic engineering is a fundamental building block of every transportation improvement. Each project begins with an assessment of existing conditions to identify traffic safety and operational improvement needs. Alternative measures are then developed to respond to those needs and the performance of each alternative is tested and evaluated using sophisticated traffic engineering tools. The culmination of these traffic engineering analyses is the development of a Complete Streets improvement plan which balances the competing needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, and autos in today’s complex urban environment.

Designing traffic safety improvements requires great care and attention to detail. These improvements require data collection and traffic observations to determine where potential solutions would be beneficial and how they can accommodate all users at a particular location. Civiltech ensures that the appropriate and necessary data is collected as part of the analysis on every project.

Arboretum Access Study

The Morton Arboretum

Civiltech used a multi-discipline, collaborative approach to assist the Morton Arboretum in developing an implementable plan that improves the Arboretum’s vehicular entry capacity and provides new multi-modal access options while enhancing the visitor experience. Civiltech and subconsultants modeled existing traffic operations, led a design charrette with the Study Advisory Group, developed and refined concept plans, and delivered a Preferred Access Concept.

Navigating Data to Bring Solutions

At Civiltech, our traffic engineers employ an array of the latest traffic engineering tools and software packages, including video turning movement and classification counters, Highway Capacity Software, the Highway Safety Manual, Synchro and SimTraffic, and VISSIM microsimulation. Civiltech’s traffic engineering staff includes many Professional Traffic Operations Engineers who are skilled in the application of these tools on projects ranging from simple roadway improvement projects to complex urban highway and transit networks.

Civiltech’s traffic engineering services include:

  • Traffic Counts and Data Analyses
  • Crash Analyses and Safety Studies
  • Traffic Modeling and Simulation
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Intersection and Interchange Design Studies
  • Neighborhood Traffic Management and Traffic Calming


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