Transportation Design 

Today’s Complex Transportation Systems

The safe and efficient movement of people, goods, and services is fundamental to the economic prosperity and quality of life and is a critical component of a region’s infrastructure. Expressways and roadways are the backbone of our modern and complex transportation systems.

Civiltech believes in balancing the needs of all users of a community’s transportation network. Context sensitive corridor designs, safe bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and convenient transit accommodations are all key elements within comprehensive transportation systems.

Des Plaines River Trail

City of Des Plaines

Civiltech performed concurrent Phase I and Phase II Engineering services followed by Phase III Construction Inspection services on this 3-mile multi-use trail. The existing dirt trail was upgraded to an aggregate trail with limestone screening designed for pedestrian, bike, and equestrian use. Since the project is in a floodplain, Civiltech provided close coordination with CCFPD and MWRD.

Technology, Environment, Safety, and Funding

As travel demands increase, technological advances, environmental impacts, safe mobility and funding availability are all part of the picture. Civiltech’s transportation design team stays on top of cutting-edge innovation and industry trends. We carefully consider the environment in which a project is located, incorporate safety measures, and we work aggressively with our clients to locate and maximize funding sources.

Solutions for Our Clients

At Civiltech, we believe that our vast technical design expertise combined with creativity and flexibility provides our clients innovative, cost effective, and environmentally conscious solutions to difficult transportation problems.

Expressway and Highway Design

  • Freeway and Tollway Design
  • Arterial Highway Design
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Design
  • Drainage and Utility Design
  • Lighting Design

Traffic Signals and Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Signal System Design
  • Signal Coordination and Timing (SCAT)
  • Surveillance and Communication Systems

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