Urban Design

Designing for the Transportation Network

At Civiltech, we view Urban Design as making streets and public spaces functional and attractive. It’s designing for safe and inviting pedestrian environments with innovative crosswalk and sidewalk treatments. It’s enhancing the aesthetics of our urban and suburban improvements with streetscape and landscape improvements. It’s ensuring that our designs are visually pleasing and relatable for the end user. It’s creating community identities, enhancing livability, and bolstering commercial appeal with placemaking, wayfinding, and gateways.

Civiltech’s urban design team applies a Complete Streets design approach to all of our projects  ensuring that all modes of transportation are addressed including pedestrian, bike, and transit, while respecting vehicular mobility. We understand that when we are developing a community’s identity and working to improve the sidewalks, paths, and roads on which people live, play and work, that community engagement is critical to ensure that improvements are thoughtfully designed.

Downtown Streetscape

City of Naperville

Civiltech brings our Complete Streets design approach to the City of Naperville’s Downtown Streetscape project. In addition to context sensitive, multi-modal transportation design, we are providing the in-house specialized services of landscape architecture, lighting design, utility design and coordination, urban/transportation planning, and public involvement.

Landscape Architecture

Civiltech’s landscape architecture team provides the aesthetics that enhance our improvements. Our team specializes in designing and developing pedestrian environments, placemaking, gateways, green infrastructure and native plantings.

Our landscape architects and designers also provide expertise in bike facilities and trail design and are passionate about ensuring that all of our projects are examined from the perspective of all those traveling through, including pedestrians and bicyclists in addition to drivers. Our talented landscape design team also provides strong graphic skills to help communities visualize design projects. With in-house landscape architecture, Civiltech’s transportation and infrastructure improvements are carefully integrated into the surrounding context.

  • Trail System Design
  • Park and Recreational Design
  • Tree and Planting Design
  • Gateway Treatments
  • Graphics and Rendering
  • Green Infrastructure

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Streetscape Design

Civiltech’s primary approach to a successful streetscape project is to design for people. This is achieved by looking at all projects through a Complete Streets lens. A successful urban and suburban street is one that safely and comfortably accommodates pedestrian and bicycle movement as well as access to transit and navigation in vehicles. Our designers are well-versed in features that contribute to the pedestrian experience, including high visibility crosswalks with decorative pavers and shorter crosswalk distances, created by the use of curb extensions or bump outs, to name a few.

We understand how lighting contributes to both safety and aesthetics and that wayfinding and placemaking can work together to create community identity. Innovative streetscape design provides a community municipality with beneficial commercial appeal in addition to livability.

  • Pedestrian Plaza Design
  • Lighting
  • Street Furnishings
  • ADA Compliance
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
  • Community Identifiers and Place Making

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